Why France Is the Favourite Holiday Destination in Europe

France has so much to offer holidaymakers looking for somewhere new to try. Be it the sounds, lights and culture of Paris, the quiet rural beauty of a holiday gite in the Dordogne, a tasting of the famous French wines or the historical chateaux’s which are scattered throughout the country, there are so many reasons why people chose to make this their ultimate holiday destination and return year after year. This article looks at why France has so much appeal and why people across the world keep coming back.

France, being much larger than the UK, is subdivided into some twenty-six separate regions, each of which are further divided into departments. These departments may be somewhat similar to the UK classifications of counties, however a region will cover more than one department. All regions and departments of France offer something different, something unique; whether you are interested in relaxing in the sun, looking at some of mankind’s earliest cave drawings in the Lascaux caves of the Dordogne or would prefer adrenaline activities in the Alps, France can give you what you want.

One of the reasons why Southern France is so popular is due to the mild Mediterranean climate, where summer temperatures soar to 40°C and the winter temperatures rarely go beneath 5°C. Provence and the French Riviera are considered to have some of the best weather throughout the whole of Europe.

Moving up through the country, the French Alps are a favoured destination during the winter months when snow is in demand rather than sunshine; it’s during this seasons that skiers and snowboarders excitedly head for the mountains in the hope of making the most of freshly powdered runs. France is a very popular place for winter sports, the location making it possible to fly or drive, and the resorts catering especially for tourists. With its reputation for providing the best skiing experiences in Europe, the addition of Frances well known culture and good food can only add to the long list of reasons people choose to make this their temporary home for those weeks when they choose to book time away from work.

When skiing, there are many different options available for accommodation. Some people choose to stay in hotels, others may form into groups and rent a chalet. This usually makes for a fantastic experience; what better way to spend a holiday than to be out on the slopes during the day, and relaxing in front of a roaring fire in the evening in the company of friends and with a glass of the local wine to ‘help you sleep?’

For those people who retain their sense of adventure but prefer their holidays to be less icy, rural France can be the perfect choice. Staying in a traditional gite and seeing the country by foot, by bicycle or even on horseback, is a healthy and rewarding way to experience the country’s natural beauty. Those looking for something less active, may prefer to relax in one of the luxury villas France is so famed for providing.

Moving up through the country, Le Mans is home to the world’s oldest endurance car race. The race ’24 Hours of Le Mans’ began in 1923 and is still going; in it, teams will complete on the track with the race lasting, as the title would suggest, for twenty-four hours.

Whilst all of France is famed for its history, Northern France is home to Normandy where the D-Day landing operation dramatically accelerated the defeat of Nazi Germany. The area is home to museums and memorials that this people interested in mankind’s most violent era may chose to visit.

France is the favourite holiday destination of Europe, providing cultural experiences, adrenaline activities and relaxing stays. If you’ve not yet decided where to go for your French holidays, France is certainly one of the top destinations and it’s well worth further investigation.

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