What to Expect From a Golden Triangle Tour of India

Golden Triangle tour of India is one of the most sought after tour itinerary preferred by travelers coming to this country simply because it covers most famous and most important heritage destinations. If you are a travel enthusiast and inquisitive enough about popular routes in India; you are no stranger to the term Golden Triangle. It is the route which if connected through straight lines takes the form of a triangle with Delhi Jaipur and Agra as three of its vertices. The perimeter of the Golden Triangle is 720 KMs in length. Travelling each arm takes an average of 5 Hrs by car.

Delhi Jaipur and Agra – all these three cities are famous in their own right and are constituents of the heritage Golden triangle tour packages of India. Historical imprints of India’s past since 16th Century are abundant here. For a traveller curious to know about India’s story under the rule of Moguls, Rajputs and Britishers this triangle is a goldmine, to say the least.

How to Start your Golden Triangle Travel India?

Well, you can choose any of the vertices you like to start with. But Delhi being the capital of India, it is always preferred for foreign travelers to start with Delhi. International flight price is always cheaper to Delhi compared to Jaipur.

Once you are in Delhi

Delhi has two visibly distinct milieus cohabiting with each other since India’s independence. One is the bustling metropolis expanding heavily every day in terms of physical infrastructure. Other is the old Delhi soaked in its glorious past moving forward to the future with an compromised identity. Places to visit in Delhi is difficult to count at one go. It has the Red Fort and Humayun’s tomb, two magnificent architectures dating back to the 16th Century. Accompanying them is several other imperial structures such as Qutb Minar, Jama Masjid, Jantar Mantar, Purana Qila et al. Taking a stroll along these places, in every possibility, would transport you to the ‘Shahi’ days of mogul empire.

Delhi to Agra

Agra is a little more than 230 kilometers from Delhi and takes near around 4 hrs to travel by car through Taj Express Highway or Yamuna Expressway. Agra is stupendously famous across the globe for being home to the iconic Tajmahal. It was built on the southern banks of river Yamuna in the 16th Century by Mogul emperor Shahjahan in fond remembrance of her wife Mumtaz Mahal. Experiencing the serene grandeur of this mausoleum on a moonlit night is an experience to savor throughout one’s life.

Agra to Jaipur

In the last sprint of the triangle, you are to shift from the Mogul Dynasty to the Rajput. The 16th Century hilltop Amer Fort, 17th Century City Palace or the Hawa Mahal built with sandstones of colour red and pink whispers to your years the stories of Royal Battles, Royal Livings, and Royal Dreams. Jaipur, also called the pink city can be reached from Agra in four hours by car. Distance to be travelled by Bikaner Road is near around 240 KMs. Jaipur is extremely famous among the international travel community. Apart from forts and palaces, Jaipur is a city where folklores travel in the air and vibrancy traverse through the mundane without complaint.

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