Wanderlust: The Intent Desire To Travel

Wanderlust is about an intense desire and an urge of unrelenting potency which seemingly pulls every thread of reality. It is the unendurable frustration finally pushes you from motion into action and leads to the most life-changing experiences of the future.

People who have wanderlust don’t want to be tied in one place. They are not comfortable in one environment. They want to wander from one place to another. This restlessness stimulates them to explore and follow their hearts yearning which is to find a means of escape when feeling hooked.

Those with wanderlust always seek for variations to whatever they do in an effort to wring any last excitement from their present surrounding. It is apparent that those things are fundamentals in travel. There are times that other people just don’t understand their desire to escape. The desire is mistaken for a desire to leave civilization entirely. This yearning to travel the world is to bond, to explore and to embrace change. Global exploration is known to be one of the greatest means of meeting those with similar interests as theirs.

Planning a trip is difficult when all focus is on is trying to leave. But wanderlust changes them, it’s powerful, and it can often have major impacts on how they live their lives. Small things here and there become trivial. You equate the price of those new pair of shoes, or that new sweater into how many extra days you could travel.

It could either be a bus ride here, a train ride there just to try out the waters in the unknown. This is an important moment for any would-be traveler because it’s when they find out if they’re cut out for the travelling life. If they don’t panic when they feel lost, or when they have no signal on their phone, they just flow with it. They are a nomad through and through.

They feel at home everywhere they go. They can readily fit into place no matter the country, the language or the culture because when wanderlust strikes, their mind opens up and anything becomes their everything. They are very open-minded and can easily adapt to change. They are thrilled even with the slightest mention of a nice place in the north or south. They couldn’t trade it for the world, because the world gave it to them in the first place; the gift to WANDER.

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