Unusual Adventures of Americans in Europe

The rash fall of the US dollar value in relation to the European currency has resulted that in some of the European countries the American currency is almost impossible to get rid of. Especially difficult is to sell dollars in small banks and currency exchange points of the small provincial European towns. The experts suppose that this tendency will only be stronger in the future.

The tourists, coming with dollars to Europe suffer great difficulties and the guests from America seem even to bite the dust. “Our national currency is worth nothing here,- said an American tourist Mary Kelly, coming from Indianapolis to the Reuters correspondent during the excursion around the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. – it is very hard to find an exchange point where they would agree to buy dollars. I have to go the the city center, to the main railway station or to the post office”. But more than the tourists suffer those USA citizens that work in the European offices of the American companies. If the salaries are given in dollars, the employees have to pay every month more for the food and rent.

“In spite of the fact that today dollar is more or less stable, it got much weaker in the last times,- says Howard Archer, the European markets expert of the Global Insight company. – And, according to our data, the American currency will get weaker in the next weeks. The tourists from USA will lose if they come to Europe with dollars. The USA economics arises anxiety and according to the Federal Reserve System prognoses it will be even worse. The weak dollar causes problems to the European companies, whose ability to compete with the others becomes weaker because of the cheap American currency. The use of the strong euro is that the import prices are kept at a reasonable level. For example, the prices for oil are set up in dollars and from the euro point of vies, the weak dollar makes the oil cheaper.

There has even been an article published, that advises where a poor dollar owner could spend a vacation. The information in that article is though interesting in some other way – how to get more rest for less money.

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