Traveling in Trains While in Kerala, India is a Different Experience

Kerala has very simple and well-connected railway systems. The railway was initially an initiative of the British of the Madras presidency. But even though that is the beginning, the achievements after that and the later has transformed the way people travel in Kerala. There is lot of trains running across to different destinations from Kerala. The Chennai mail, Kerala express, Island express, Netravathi express, Parashuram express are a few other popular trains. Today the number of commuters and travellers who are depending on the Indian railway is far more than imaginable. The number of trains has also increased drastically. This is almost like a service and responsibility well done because the real income of the railways comes from the cargo. If you travel in the longest route say Kerala to New Delhi, it takes almost 51 hours, so vast is the network.

Kerala has the most number of railway stations when it comes to the size of the state. On an average, every half an hour, you’ll reach the next station. Another reason for this would be the dense population and the number of towns and cities the state has. There are railway stations in almost 75 percent of the towns. The railway stations would be well equipped with reservation and ticket counters, waiting rooms, paid toilets, bathrooms, kiosks, ATMs, lodging rooms, restaurants and so on.

A train journey through Kerala would be a series of sightseeing. Compared to other states, Kerala is more greener; the reason would be the green paddy fields and the tranquility. You can see many rivers, backwaters, estuaries, green paddy fields, old houses, cities and so on. You will not find so many natural things in any other train journey apart from Kerala. From Trivandrum central to Kasargod, You see it all. It would be almost a days journey to reach from one end to the other by train, unless otherwise you are in a super fat train like the Rajadhani express. Rail journey would be best option to reach bekkal and other important tourist destinations like Kanyakumari where the road transport would be tiring.

There are mostly 4 classes in a train namely General 2nd class sitting, Sleeper class, AC 3 tire and AC 2 tire – AC means airconditioned. Other classes would be AC chair car for day trains and for some trains there is an executive class called 1 tire AC, which is comparatively expensive and luxurious. 2nd class sitting is the basic where most of the passengers would be travelling and it is not necessary that you will get a seat to sit. It would be hard to find a seat, but if you are lucky enough you can find one. The sleeper class is where you have folded berths where you can sleep in the night that is how the name comes, during day time you just need a sleeper class ticket, but during nights you should have a sleeper class reservation ticket to claim a berth to sleep or else you will not be allowed to travel. AC 3 tire is where the sleeper class is Air conditioned. 2 tires is more luxurious then 3 tire and is more private area and you will be provided beds. The number of seats and berths are also less. Executive class is an exception and is not available in all trains.

Today railway tickets are available in the internet, you do not need to go and stand in the queue at the railway station reservation and ticket counter. You can book tickets online at I R C T C Indian railway catering and tourism corporation) is a subsidiary of the Indian railways, a government organization which takes care of the tourism initiatives like the golden chariot, rail tour packages, online booking, and catering services. If you have a credit card or internet banking with an Indian bank and a registered account at irctc website, then anyone can book an online railway ticket. There are many I R C T C recognized agents who can book tickets for you, where they will take a service charge.

In all ways if your budget is limited and you would need to travel across Kerala, India, then the best most apt option is to depend on the India Railway. Only thing you need to confirm is a reservation.

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