Tours to India: Top Reasons to Travel This Incredible Country

One can effectively sum up India using just one word bamboozling. Tours to India often elicit extreme responses. People either love it or loathe it. With diversity unseen anywhere else in the world India tours is a one of its kind experience. From its snow capped mountains to its golden beaches; from its mystical sand dunes in the west to its holy temples dotted across the country, India will simply bewilder you with its charm. A vacation in India is an unforgettable one simply for its amazing variety and multidimensional vividness. India tours beckons people from all walk of lives. Be it spirituality, festivities, yoga, Ayurveda, business or leisure India offers a gamut of options to everyone visiting this incredible country.

India is world’s second most populous country in the world. On tours to India one would be amazed to find that besides its topographical diversity, India is also home to an array of ethnic groups, local traditions and religious beliefs. Whereas one can marvel at the ornately carved temples in South India standing testimonials of the rich heritage of India and Dravidian architecture, the desert hamlets in Western India will give you a peek into the Spartan life of the tribes of Kutch and Rajasthan and allure you with their folklores, simplicity and performing arts.

There are a number of choices available to the visitors on their tours to India. Due to its sheer size and history India has amazing multiplicity of geography, flora and fauna and culture. It has something to offer to everyone. For wildlife lovers there are an array of National Parks in India which answer to the call of the wild. Himalayan Mountain Range abounds with trekking trails and offers some of the most strenuous yet adventurous mountaineering trails. In the South, the sun-kissed beaches of Goa are one of the most loved tourist destinations in India.

One of the major attractions in India is Rajasthan, famous for its resplendent fortresses, majestic palaces and undulating sand dunes. Rajasthan’s royal past, heritage buildings and remarkable diversity along with resonating culture has an irresistible allure which attracts millions or tourists from around the world every year. There an array of luxury hotels some of which used to be the royal palaces of erstwhile Maharajas of princely states of Rajputana, where guests can relive the age of kings.

Yoga, spirituality and Ayurveda are some major attractive themes during tours to India. There is an array of destination spas in India offering therapeutic massage and Ayurvedic treatments. Spa destinations across country offer holistic treatments combining the best of yoga Ayurveda and the revivifying therapies from around the world.

All in all, tours to India are a fascinating way to discover and explore the remarkable diversity of this incredible country. With colors as varied as a kaleidoscope and its rich heritage, India tours are a beyond doubt a charming experience with its sweet surprises. Adventure follows at every nook and corner in India and bestows upon travelers unforgettable traveling experiences.

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