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Student travel – are you a student wishing for a fun holiday, but you worry about how much money it is going to cost ?? It's about time you found out that nowadays student travel is big business for many tour operators, some of them offering even work experiences that can take you to explore the world! When it comes to great student travel deals, your holiday is just a click away – the internet opens up for you a whole world of choices! Like every other holiday, student travel experiences need planning too. It will be easier to find the best deals, if you know these few tips- Where, What and How are the first questions you should answer! With a bit of research, you will learn how to save money and get discounts on all your travel expenses – accommodation, dining and entertainment. With the whole world on your travel map, first you need to decide the destination! If in the US, Austin or New York are the really popular choices for the student traveler; the three major destinations in Europe for student travel are London, Paris and Rome; and for less packed countries eastern Europe is the most appealing destination. The really good news is that Mexico is the rising star!

A Student Identity Card is the first step for getting student travel discounts. One of the websites providing these ID's is ISIC, and also provides details about student travel discounts available worldwide. The websites you should consider while hunting for student travel deals are: STA Travel, Student Universe, Travelosophy, Orbitz Student Airfare and Priceline. Student travel agencies will help you plan your adventure with package deals, tour booking and travel insurances. It is recommended to plan your holiday at the appropriate time. The earlier you book, the bigger are the chances to obtain budget air travel offers. However, for accommodation it is exactly the opposite. When hunting for student accommodation deals, consider hostels, campgrounds, and room rentals. The Internet offers you a great amount of information, and always make sure you have checked the student accommodation reviews posted by real student travelers.

Traveling in groups might also bring new opportunities for discounts, as many deals are offered when you travel in larger numbers! And of course, its much more fun to be with your own student travel group, or even join a tour.

Always keep in mind the safety recommendations displayed on the governmental sites of the countries to which you will be traveling, and Have Fun!

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