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Six Ways to Capture Road Trips With Your Photos

As scrapbookers, we take pictures of everything. With mobile phones, it’s easier and easier to click and post. We recently took a road trip from Northern California to Glacier National Park. It was twenty hours each way. Here are some of the fun ways we captured our road trip.

1) Take pictures while you are packing. Do you lay everything out on the bed and then put into your suitcase? How do you pack the car? These are as important as the journey and the destination. Photograph your packing, suitcases, car and trunk.

2) Use the GPS feature on your camera. We used our camera instead of our phones so we weren’t tempted to post that we were away from home. It’s also easier when you have a co-pilot who can take pictures while driving. When you arrive home, you can place the pictures on a map and print that out. Or use a physical map and print out thumbnail pictures that were taken while driving.

3) Taking pictures of road signs and the ‘Welcome to ‘ signs are common and fun. But what about the unusual signs you see on the road? Or restaurant signs? Maybe take pictures of your odometer at the beginning and end of the trip to document the total mileage.

4) Consider taking pictures at the rest stops or gas stops you make. Family members getting out of the car, stretching and/or yawning. Enjoying snacks or meals at these stops are a part of the story. Is there something unique about the rest stop? We found a few that had free coffee and cookies available.

5) Thinking about food – how about pictures of the places you eat while on a road trip? Do you mainly drive through? Or sit, relax and dine? Maybe you have a pile of empty wrappers on the floor of the back seat or a full trash container indicating road-trip snacks/food. Did you pack a cooler? If so, what did you put in there? And a bonus idea:

6) Document the end of the road trip. Photo that big pile of laundry or the dirty car or even take a picture of a sleeping child in the back seat.

We took over 1400 pictures in the 10 days we were gone and many of them were while we were traveling to and from the Park. What pictures will you take on your next Road Trip?

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