Prague Hotels

Since the Velvet Revolution in 1989, the number of tourists visiting Prague has increased exponentially. Today Prague is becoming a booming attraction in central Europe. Due to the increased tourism activity the amount of hotels, pensions, hostels and private accommodations have been steadily increasing.

The high season for tourist travels to Prague is April to October, as well as Christmas and New Year. With the increasing popularity of Prague among travelers, it would be advisable for you to arrange your accommodations at least three to four weeks in advance if you plan to visit Prague during the busy season.

Hotel Ratings

The ratings of the hotels in Prague do not usually correspond to the international regulations of hotel ratings due to the fact that hotel owners rate their hotels themselves. So, hotels with a three star rating can sometimes be better and more expensive than some four star rated hotels.

This can be problematic to tourists due to the fact that they have no way of knowing how good the hotel they are paying for really is. Getting the straight facts about the hotels in Prague can be very difficult but not impossible. There are plenty of Web sites available with the customer ratings, reviews and comments for hotels over there. Reading these comments is the best way for you to truly understand how the hotel really is. Relying solely on the owner’s star rating of the hotel is a good way to overpay and/or be disappointed. This is also a good way to ruin a vacation, as the hotel could be terrible, but have a high star rating.


If you are the type of person who does not like to spend a lot of time researching a topic on the Internet, you may also be able to hire a travel agent to plan your vacation for you. They are usually much more knowledgeable about Prague, therefore they would be able to assist you in planning a dream vacation.

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