Low Cost Airlines Aiding Tourism Boom in India

Many low cost airlines services have emerged with cheap airfares and other benefit options for the market-savvy Indian traveler and these are fast rising in popularity to give the Indian Railways getting a run for the rupee, with competitive pricing of travel options of comfortable and faster travel options. The LCC’s or Low Cost Carrier services offered by operators like GoAir, Kingfisher, Deccan, Spice Jet and others in the category mean high-savings for the price-conscious customer. Eventually, of course, it translates into higher number of customers for budget flight operators since they save on time and money and thus, they are making the most of this continuing fare tussle between the railways and LCC services.

The Indian traveler has grown wise to the right and ready travel options of air-travel as opposed to longer, tedious journey courtesy the Indian Railways and is on the look-out for cashing in on the price-advantage offered by the average LCC, in its various promotional advertising strategies to make air travel an affordable reality for many Indian, with a yen to travel.

A whole new world of classy comfort in the skies is now possible for many travelers thanks to cheap airfares constantly being challenged by similar airline services, in the same sector. In fact, what makes it a cost-effective opportunity is the numerous benefits granted to the frequent/business or student category air traveler with regular discounts, many more holiday options, affordable and fast travel mode being the top reasons on anyone’s list.

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