Kolkata Honeymoon Holiday Packages for the Exquisite and Romantic East India Tour!

Talking about the most common places in India, where couples usually go for their honeymoon we will see that the eastern region remains less explored. Many might prefer visiting the snowcapped north India, which is home to numerous breathtaking hill stations and other beautiful places. While the southern states of the country are very famous honeymoon destinations of India, the western region is also frequently visited, especially for places like Goa, Rajasthan, and Maharasthra. Then, there is the Lakshadweep Islands, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which are also popular tourist places, especially for honeymooners. Coming to the east, places like Darjeeling, Kolkata, Sikkim, Manipur, and Assam do not get much preference in terms of spending an intimate holiday.

So, this time, be one of those few trendsetters, who do not mind experimenting by taking up the Kolkata honeymoon holiday packages for the exquisite and romantic east India tour. Kolkata, earlier called as Calcutta is the capital city of the state of West Bengal, which lies to the country’s eastern border. Home to thousands of Bengalis, which are equally sweet as their famous Bengali sweet dishes, Kolkata is one of those exciting holiday destinations in India that needs to be discovered yet. Start with exploring Darjeeling, which is the tea town of West Bengal. Well known for its lush tea gardens, from where comes the Darjeeling tea, you will like to visit the place for its fascinating sights and freshly smelling tea leaves. Such a setting is perfect for the newlyweds to share some exciting moments in solitude and beauty. After a night’s stay in this tea town, you can move ahead to Kalimpong, which is a hill station in this Indian state.

Said to be amongst the renowned hill stations in India, Kalimpong is situated in the Lesser Himalayan Mountain Ranges of West Bengal. Just as magnificent as any other hilly region in the country, couples might like to spend a night or two at Kalimpong, before moving to Digha. Digha is a seaside resort city in east India, which people visit to have a wonderful experience of the beaches in this city. As a newlywed couple, you can head to Digha, if beach loving is something that excites you. In fact, sea shores are one of the best destinations to express love to your spouse, to which you can expect to have a positive reciprocation. How can someone not fall in love with their better half at such a quixotic spot, where the sky, the sea, and the golden sand are constantly showering their love on you? Another exotic place to visit in the east is Fraserganj, the Fraserganj beach due to its whitish silver sand and some of the most scenic views, has become a desirable place for hundreds of tourists.

Do not forget to include all these places in your Kolkata honeymoon holiday package for an amazing post wedding trip. This trip to the eastern state of India might turn out to be the most exhilarating one, if planned well!

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