Kenya Honeymoon Safari Spots

Honeymoon safari in Kenya? You don't need to mind. This country has many spots that would perfectly fit a honeymoon. Though the coastal region of Mombasa and other native towns is a selection for many, there are other unique spots spread out all over the country.

Starting with this popular spot, the coast of Kenya, the honeymooners have some of the best hotels and lodges to pick from, not to forget mentioning hundreds of activities to make their honeymoon safari a memorable one. At Mombasa for example, one has an option of visiting the historical sites, Fort Jesus and the Gedi ruins, visiting the Mijikenda villages for a cultural experience, the Halle's Park or marine parks. All this plus top of the notch hotels, especially at the south coast with the panoramic views of the Indian Ocean is splendid.

At night, dinner on a boat is some of the escapades awaiting your trial. All of this plus water spots like snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing and deep sea fishing are some of the classic experiences.

Off Mombasa coastal city towards Nairobi, Tsavo National Park (the largest in Kenya) is another unique spot. A camping safari combined with animal tracking and game drives are exceptional. Here, Mzima springs is an oasis in a desert with water so clear that one can clearly see the bottom of the pool and a bath in its medicinal waters is relaxing. You also have an option of visiting the caves where man eating lions once hid there victims during the building of Kenya Uganda railways.

In the Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha is another honey moon spot. Though not discovered by many, this lake has several hotels that surround it and are perfect for couples. Amongst them is the Elsamere lodge, a home to the late Joy and George Adamson world renowned conservationists. At the lodge, one can pay a visit to their private museum to view a collection of Art books and other personal items of the couple. At the lodge, a boat riding safari to the privately owned crescent island is the main activity. On the lake and its shores, hundreds of bird breeds and hippos are found.

At Naivasha, one can visit the famous Hells gate National Park. This park is popular is most suited for rock climbing, hiking safari, bird watching, horse riding safaris and camping safari.
My last pick is Lake Nakuru National Park. This is a world renowned bird watchers paradise holding thousands of flamingos and wildlife. Camping at this park is not only unforgettable but also gives one an opportune to spend the night with wild animals at their natural habitat.

A Kenya honeymoon safari is worth a trial.

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