Group Walking Holidays: Where to Explore in Europe

If you are deciding on a destination for a European group walking holiday, you will certainly be spoilt for choice when looking at the various countries. However, there are three places on the continent that particularly stand out.

This is because of the stunning scenery, places of cultural interest and walking routes they offer. Select any one of these to discover as part of a group and you will not be left disappointed.


The Canary Island of Tenerife might not spring to mind when deciding which European destination to book a walking break to. Lazy beach and water sports holidays aside, the Spanish location boasts some of the best walking trails you will come across. Did you know the island is home to a snow-capped peak called Mount Teide, as well as El Volcan Negro? The latter is a jet black hill of carbon surrounded by scarlet poppies. It makes for a lovely photograph with friends when you stop to take a few snaps.

Tenerife is a brilliant place to go on guided walks if you are interested in geology, flora and fauna. There are lots of varieties of exotic plants, while there are lava flows of different colors to marvel at.

Amalfi Coast

Named after the town of the same name, the Amalfi Coast in the south of Italy is simply stunning. Book group guided walks here and you can spend your days strolling along stunning coastline, soaking up historic attractions and cooling off in the sea. Indeed, your walks will be scheduled so that you start your mornings high up on cliffs, before making your way to the coast. Come the afternoon, you'll be glad of the chance to take a refreshing swim in the brilliant blue waters.

A fascinating place you will visit on your guided walk is the city of Pompeii. An eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 resulted in this classical city being partially buried and it has been frozen in time ever since. Minori is a seaside resort that is a wonderful destination to discover on two feet. Not only is it beautiful and boasts stunning vistas, but it is also home to a Roman villa archaeological complex. Of course, you should also visit Amalfi itself, where you can take respite from the warm sun in the Sant'Andrea cathedral.

Mainland Portugal

Portugal is a country that is just itching to be explored. One highlight of a guided walk here will no doubt be the Malceta Nature Reserve. It will take you around four hours to discover what the park offers, including the only breeding site of the Black Vulture that is left in the country, along with providing a haven for the Iberian Lynx. You might be lucky enough to spot both of these creatures as you make your way through open chestnut woodland and along the Coe River. This waterway actually used to be the old Portugal-Spain border, so is interesting to see how the boundaries have changed over the years.

You can also tackle three villages in a similar amount of time. The first will be Idanha-a-Velha, which is a former major Roman city. Next up is Monsanto, a medieval fortress where time appears to have stood still, with the walk on this day rounded off in Penha Garcia, a folklore village.

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