Florida – Experience the Adventurous Water Parks

When the summer vacations begin the scorching heat become unbearable so people always think of going to cool places where they can bang the heat. So what could be better than having a trip to the fun filled water parks of none other than Florida? So come let’s make our trip a thrilling experience which becomes an unforgettable journey.

1. Adventure Island, Tampa

The adventure island of Tampa is a place where you have lots of activities together with the joy rides, roller coaster rides and many more and exciting ones. It is a best destination to spend your summers as a part of the amazing visit. The Aruba Tuba is also an activity that is enjoyed by all the visitors who come here. You can also get to the Jacksonville Beach where you have large number of rides and other exciting attractions that attract huge tourist every year. But it is not open all the year round. The island is open from March to October

2. Aquatica, Sea World Orlando

It is recently been added to the list of water parks as it is open in 2008. Because it is recently open therefore provides a different experience to its visitors. There are more water activities and rides along with experience of the Dolphins and the Whale. It will surely be an amazing one when you will find them just one foot below you. You’ll be thrilled and excited. Because of its increasing popularity it is open all the year round for the tourist.

3. Big Kabuna’s Water And Adventure Park, Destin

The Ksbuna’s adventure and water park has more than 40 water attractions and is known to be the largest one made by man. There are joy rides together with golf grounds for the lovers of golf. It is good place if you want to enjoy your summer vacations. The Disneyland is also an eye catching attraction which attracts mostly the kids who really love to watch them. Lots of splendid option is available for you. The water park is only opened from May to September mid.

4. Calyspo Bay Water park, Royal Palm Beach

The water park is a small one which is a part of the Royal beach. Though it is a small one but is a great destination to visit. So this combination can be the best one as one can also get to see the majestic landscapes and the beauty that the nature has bestowed.

So these were some of the water parks that are popular destinations in Florida. Thus make your trip an entirely different experience.

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