Exploring the Northeastern Section of India

It is rather strange that the most beautiful section of India, the Northeastern region, is much less explored by travelers who tour India than many other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Calcutta. This region is in fact connected to the rest of the country by narrow lands of Butane and Bangladesh. Actually this whole area was not connected to the outer world until recent times.

The issue is that there are many tensions around this marvelous section of India. The fleeting of a large number of Bangladeshis to the country and the tribal manners of many of the inhabitants of the area, and the fact that the tribes fight within themselves created some problems. However, tourists who travel to India are never the target of any of these conflicts. The situation, moreover, has largely improved over the years.

Northeastern India enjoy a diversity of peoples and landscapes that would surely grab the attention of thousands of tourists who spend their vacations in India to explore the area. The area enjoys hosting a wonderful variety of animals, plants, and flowers that represent not less than 50% of the Indian biodiversity.

Among the most significant regions of Northeastern India is Assam. Highly dominated by the River Brahmaputra. The valley of this river is actually surrounded by the foothills of the Himalaya from one side and the Meghalaya Hills from the other side offering tourists who travel to India marvelous opportunities for enjoy nature like anywhere else in the world.

The region is also famous for the production of oil and tea as it produces more than 50% of the country’s tea. Most of the tea estates were actually founded by the British colonists when they occupied the region. They also established many golf clubs in the region. Many of the travelers enjoying their holidays in India would love to explore rather remote cities and area that are off the touristic track.

Located inside the capital of the region of Assam, the Guwahati Temple is the center of the Kali cult in the country that is remarkable for its architecture and for its historical significance. Other attractions in the region include the Kaziranga National Park. However, the most interesting attraction of the area is definitely Majuli, the largest river island in the whole globe. This island is home for many traditional Indian temples and it attracts a number of travelers who tour India.

Guwahati is yet another important city located in the region. Overlooking the Brahmaputra River, Gawahati is the center of the region and the main starting point for any tours in the area. This is why tourists who travel to India must spend a night or two in the city.

Away from some wonderful Indian temples, the city hosts many interesting local bazaars that sell simple handcrafts productions like baskets. This is in addition to tea, the most important commodity in the region. Travelers who spend their vacations in India may also visit the tea auction center of the region.

Tourists who travel to India and visit the Northeastern section of the country often visit the Umananda Temple. Located inside the peacock island in the Brahmaputra River, the remarkable location and landscape where the temple is located is actually more notable than the temple itself. However, tourists might be able to meet some wonderful animals like different sorts of monkeys and rhinos.

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