Europe – World Heritage Sites That Will Get You in Touch With History

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The history of mankind is revealed in interesting and diverse ways throughout the earth and the United Nations has identified many of these locations. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has listed what they call World Heritage Sites which are locations that hold a special significance related to natural and human history. Europe is a place where many of these places have been located, some which are centuries old and create an educational and enriching place to travel.

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If you are an archeology buff, you should consider visiting the Archeological Site of Troy which was described by Homer in his poetry. A visit to the site of Troy will take you back in time and give you a glimpse of life as it was in ancient times. You may even recognize some of the sites written about in Homer’s famous poems. Some of Troy’s walls remain and looking toward the Plain of Ilium towards the Aegean Sea will take you back to the days when warriors fought to honor the gods.

The European country of Italy contains the largest number of World Heritage Sites found in one European country. While there are 44 sites of both historic and natural significance, one of the most exciting is the Rhaetian Railway, which continues on to Switzerland. Traveling these rails will take you into mountain tunnels, over canyons and across beautiful lush green hills. The breathtaking views are populated with snowcapped mountains and sights you will never forget.

There are 41 World Heritage Sites that can be visited in the European country of Spain. These sites consist of ancient cities and towns, churches, and spectacular natural parks and open spaces. The Teide National Park has gained recognition as one of the Twelve Wonders of Spain. This national park contains an active volcano and is visited more frequently than any other national park located in Spain.

Alta, Norway will provide the opportunity to visit one of the most interesting World Heritage Sites found in Europe. Our earliest ancestors dating back as far as 4200 BC created rock carvings and their prehistoric rock art can still be viewed at this location. While this is the best known, over 5000 examples of this type of prehistoric treasure can be found in numerous places in Europe detailing the everyday struggles of our ancient ancestors.

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