Europe – The Best Choice For Post-Marital Bliss

There can be no better choice than Europe for the newly wed couples to spend quality time together just after marriage. Europe, the best choice for post marital bliss undoubtedly has to offer all possible luxury and comfort coupled with romantic destinations. One can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the natural splendors in Europe with his or her new spouse. Again, European honeymoon destinations are ideal for partying all night and watching the sun rise with the break of morning on a seaside.

Right from strolling along the lush green meadows or taking along romantic walk across some world famous castle ground to relaxing at a luxurious mountain resort, Europe offers it all. You have an array of choices in Europe to select your ideal honeymoon spot from. Europe offers beaches, mountains, castles, architecture, heritage constructions, nightlife and many more to explore at their best. Some of the most desired tourist attractions in Europe which are also most sought after honeymoon spots are Paris, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Amsterdam etc.


Architectural marvels and world famous heritage structures are the main attraction in Paris. The city of romance Paris is the obvious choice of the newly wed couples. Luxurious hotels, champagne, romantic strolls along Louvre Museum or L’arc de Triomphe will make your honeymoon memorable. Adventurous couples can spend a night at the Cap d’Agde which is a village in Paris solely dedicated to naturalism and nudism. Nothing can be more romantic than taking your spouse to the top of Eiffel Tower in Paris.


Another romantic destination in Europe is Greece which is also heaven for island lovers. In Greece you can choose from as many as 100 picturesque islands which are perfect for a quite and secluded honeymoon retreat. One can visit the different scenic island of Greece with his or her new spouse such as Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos and enjoy a blissful honeymoon.


No other place in the entire Europe has more natural beauty offerings than Switzerland. A newly wed couple will be awestruck at the natural beauties of Switzerland. Apart from the lush greener of valleys and awe inspiring snowcapped mountain ranges, one can also enjoy great shopping experience at the world famous boutique of Geneva. Again other places to visit and enjoy your honeymoon can be the Olympic Museum, Chillon Castle, and Nestle Food Museum etc.


Enjoy a bullfight or tap your feet with the dance steps of the gypsy flamenco at Spain on your honeymoon. Scenic beaches of Spain are also extremely romantic and ensure ultimate rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. Spain is loaded with scenic retreats and is the true embodiment of romance and passion.


Vatican City at Rome, the capital of Italy is romantic and mesmerizing at the same time. One can blend honeymoon with pilgrimage at Rome. Italy has to offer natural beauty that is breathtaking. Moreover one can enjoy the romantic ride of Gondolas in Milan and spend a day or two at the picturesque city of Bellagio which is considered as the most scenic European cities.


Amsterdam’s vibrant and bustling nightlife is perfect for a honeymoon couple. The “wine-and-cheese night canal tour” in Amsterdam is an unforgettable joyous and ultimate romantic ride for a honeymooner. Amsterdam is loaded with a bizarre array of bars and pubs. Again another tourist attraction in Amsterdam is the Red Light District which is totally dedicated to adult pleasures. Newlywed couples will definitely find the streets of the Red Light District interesting.

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