Berlin in Its Simplicity

Berlin is close to the Poland border, barely 70 Kilometers away. Berlin, the capital city of Germany is a much sought after tourist destination in Europe. It is a cultural and political city that separated the two Germanys before their unification in 1990. The wall dividing the East and the West Germany was the famous Berlin wall. Berlin has made a comeback when the Berlin wall was destroyed in 1990.

Berlin is also a sport loving city especially soccer. The game of soccer defines the national sporting culture, and it is not uncommon to find people lining up to watch the game being played by the German players against the players of the other nationalities. The other favorite past time of the Germans is beer. The spectators casually lounge around sipping beer and watching the game of soccer.

Berlin is the city of great universities and research institutions that could be worth visiting when tourists arrive there. The atmosphere is one of serene calmness with people enjoying the best variety of beer and casually going about their way. As a tourist you too can participate in Berlin marathon but there are several other things to do once you are in Berlin.

There are monuments like Brandenburg gate, Berlin Wall, Alexanderplatz Square, Reichstag, Berliner Dom or Berlin Cathedral, Potsdamer Platz (that was reconstructed in 1990s), and several others that the tourists usually go to visit, shop, see, and watch.

Although Berlin is too big to be seen in a short span, you can make the use of their efficient transportation system known as BVG that includes railways, buses, and tramways. It allows you to reach safely and efficiently to every part of Berlin. You can also switch over from U-Bahn (underground transport) to S-Bahn (over ground railway transport), buses and trams. The transport cost is cheap and you can purchase a week’s ticket for approximately 25 euros.

Berlin has international traffic because of international seminars and conferences. The city is especially crowded during the Berlin marathon. However, with little planning and foresight it is not difficult to find cheap hotels. Berlin is relatively cheaper than the other European cities. It is advisable to book early so that you might get a cheap hotel because clinching an affordable deal at the last moment can be difficult.

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